What is happiness?

Sognefjorden in Norway is the world's largest inhabited fjord. We spent a week travelling round the fjord asking each person we met the question "What is happiness?". Here are the responses from a selection, including hotelier Natt, farmer Eric and Sognefjorden mayor Nils.

The Story of Ingebridt Findebotten

Ingebridt Findebotten used to run a gas station in Oslo, before upping sticks and returning to his childhood home to build and manage his own hotel in Finnafjord, a remote corner of Sognefjorden, Norway's largest fjord. Ingebridt and his wife are the only permanent inhabitants of Finnafjord, and this is his story.

We're just at the beginning of the story

Filming in the fjords by Morgan RitchieThis is the first release of We Are Human Stories, a new series of inspiring, humbling and humorous tales from human beings we've met around the world. People with passion for their craft, surroundings, heritage and future.

We started capturing these stories whilst travelling around Sognefjorden, the world's largest inhabited fjord on the West coast of Norway.

We met many unique characters with stories to tell - such as Eric who was single handedly helping 150 pregnant sheep give birth, or Kjell who had lived in the same remote spot of the fjord for 80+ years. These folks inspired us to tell their story to a wider audience

Stay tuned, there's a lot more to come!

Many thanks to our co-creators in the fjords - ITV New.

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